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The writing process
 a_garden_path - (ulva)
12:01am 28/09/2006
Ulva posting in A modernist garden community
I have been struggling with the writing of why we have decided modernism needs a spotlight and the purpose of this thesis. It's a challenge to write something without becoming incredibly boring and academic beyond redemption. I'm not entirely sure I have managed to avoid it when I wrote about the purpose part. It has a distinct sense of dust around it to me. Now I'll let it rest and come back to it later with fresh eyes. I also went through what I have previously written because I need to rewrite all of that to fit all the parts together and I wanted to get a grip of the material. I started to write it separating everything, much due to the fact that I read the literature and collected data that way. Now I need to write the story out of that.

A superficial detail in all of this is that I decided on another font than Times New Roman. It's a classic but it's incredibly dull IMO and I don't think it fits a work about modernism. As always I went to Google and threw out the question which font would be the most modernistic. I got Bodoni and Helvetica as the answer. I have neither on this computer but I know them well and I decided upon Arial which is the closest I've got to Helvetica. The general text will be in Arial 12 pts. After sitting and writing in Times New Roman in 10 pts for so long it suddenly felt like the text became enormous! LOL! I don't anticipate any arguments with alli_akbar about this. Somehow it seems to be a bit beyond him...

It is midnight. I think it's time to call it a day.
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