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A peek at the creativity
 a_garden_path - (ulva)
06:48pm 27/09/2006
Ulva posting in A modernist garden community
5 hours later and I feel better about the situation. I sat down and finally made some drawings that eventually will become water coloured. I'll draw more of course but it feels good to have something (4 drawings/sketches) so far which I can bring on Friday to set moods.

Now I'll sit down and write some I think.

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^ My precious little worms

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^ How they'll look when "pierced" on the curved iron. I haven't really been thinking that much about how they'll be attached so far.

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^ Illustrating the northern part of the garden where there will be ferns and probably Prunus of some sort. Prunus mackii perhaps? They've got a nice bark (golden yellowish), they don't get a very heavy foliage and it is a tree which grows well even when the soil isn't very fertile (can you imagine the morning mist hovering among the trunks, a low sun shining through and the glittering dew on the autumn coloured ferns?).

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^ South west with it's cherry trees and Deschampsia (cespitosa or flexuosa) otherwise known as hair grass.

Again, the quality could be better if I had a proper camera. Alas! I have to make do with what I've got. I'll see if I can scan these on Friday though. :)
mood: creativecreative
music: Coldplay - Clocks
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