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A creative fluke
 a_garden_path - (ulva)
12:10am 26/09/2006
Ulva posting in A modernist garden community
That's the way to start a Monday morning I guess... I woke up with my head full of ideas early in the morning and I started straight away with the sketching and thinking. I have actually been thinking more intensely than sketching this time. Why I can't say but it's like I can visualise this place and the ideas in a different way then other places.

I have been thinking a lot about what kind of a feeling I want in this garden. I want the garden to get back its air and light first and foremost but I also want the garden to have visible lines binding it together and creating rooms. I have to admit that C Th Sørensen has had an influence on me when it comes to this garden. I'm not into creating oval rooms with hedges - a speciality of his it seems - but the ellipse is an appealing shape and I have tried it out on this garden in an attempt to connect the various corners of the garden. My idea is that if you pay attention you'll notice that there are shapes you can follow through the garden and of course you'd see it if you were a bird. It creates both something that connects everything in the garden but it also gives contrast.

There's been a lot of discussion about plant material so far too. I have been explaining what expression I want in a certain plant and then alli_akbar has given me suggestions and/or made some research on various plants. The writing isn't going well at all. Actually, I haven't written a line so far since last week. I just need to sketch and be creative right now which is a problem since the time table says we need to have the raw outlines of the thesis done on Friday. Well, Thursday really but we've got a logistic problem. The next two days we'll need to be in Malmö and that's when we need to use the laptop. The very laptop which won't accept any memory stick. That'd ok if I could use diskettes on my stationary PC. It's got a diskette station but something is wrong because it refuses to accept diskettes. This means I can't transfer information from the laptop to the PC. One further thing which complicates things is that I can't use a broad band cable on the laptop either so I can't go on-line and email it to myself from the laptop.

My only option is to use the diskette and bring it to Alnarp and print or email it from one of the campus computers. This is certainly a major complication. Oh yes, the computers in the housing collective where alli_akbar lives doesn't have diskette stations BTW. Another setback. Tech problems are annoying. Anyway, I'm not too keen on spending 50 SEK to go out to campus on Thursday afternoon just to email what we've got so far in writing for the supervision on Friday afternoon.

Back to the creative process. I'm usually not the ethereal kind of person who makes monochrome and fine tuned designs spontaneously just like that. This time I have been rather "ethereal" in my ideas though. It's almost like you could see the elves glide through the ferns under the trees in the early morning light. Now, it is very beautiful to create such things but there's got to be something which makes a contrast to that IMO or it simply becomes... too perfect. There's got to be some dissonant or you won't truly appreciate the fine tuned parts. This time I was struck by lightning when I was planning the said ferns in the early morning light (preferably in the autumn after the frost when they turn brownish red, the morning mist is slowly lifting as the sun is rising and the first rays shoots through the trees hitting the ground making you aware of the colour on the fern foliage still glittering with the dew...). I'm not very keen on fencing on this spot for some reason. Perhaps it is because it's almost got a claustrophobic enclosed feeling today. Somehow you've got to make some distinction between the road and the garden though.

I have an idea of 2 meter tall poles (not as thick as a crosstie but with the same feel to it) connected with twisted iron bars winding their way between these poles. On these iron bars I want to put little glass lanterns in the shape of worms. So far I'm thinking they should have an opaque surface with earthy colours which should give a pretty light when you put light in them. It would have been fantastic if you could have some electric light in them but I can clearly see the problem of changing bulbs here making that work. Fibre optics could be an idea to look into though... At this stage I'm thinking candle light though. I affectionately call them glow-worms anyway, about 40 cm long worm-shaped glass thingies glowing in the dark. Those who know me might get the slight bow to Firefly... You can't take the sky from me... In it's weirdness I know it'll be pretty and while telling everyone that here the garden begins it won't enclose the place or fence it in as a traditional thing would. Modernist? Well, if Dalí is considered modernist this most certainly is.

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^The sketch I had to draw to explain the shape and idea to alli_akbar Sorry about the quality but I have no camera other than the webcam...
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music: Zäpo - Född Kanonmat
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